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Direction and Authorization

J. M. Norton Consulting Inc.
389 Goodram Drive
Burlington, Ontario
L7L 2K2

E-Mail: mel@nortonconsulting.ca

Phone No. 905-632-8484
Fax No. 905-632-4355


What we do:

We provide Expert Opinion Reports to:

  • Quantify the value of pension entitlements acquired during marriage for lump-sum equalization purposes under Ontario’s Family Law Act
  • Quantify the portion of pension income previously equalized, upon retirement, based on a property settlement under Ontario’s Family Law Act
  • Provide an independent review of any quantified value of pension, computed by a Pension Plan administrator or other party
  • Quantify loss of income in the event of a Motor Vehicle Accident or other ‘wrongful’ disability
  • Analyze the value of foregone pension benefits in the event of ‘wrongful’ dismissal without continuation of pension accrual
  • Analyze options available to individuals who upon termination of employment, or retirement, must elect a deferred or immediate pension, or to surrender pension entitlements and receive a lump-sum transfer of the prescribed value of such pension entitlements


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